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The Effie Effect

Last night, INDIE Amsterdam won 2 silver Effie awards: One for Tele2 and another one for Amstel Beer (together with Being There).

“The Effie Award is a prestigious award in our industry because it honors the one truly significant achievement in advertising: Results. The Effies recognize creative ideas and communications mediums that contribute to a brand's success. (source” And while outsiders might see this as yet another self-aggrandisement and glorification moment for our industry, there is something really special about this award that few people seem to recognise. The compilation of all the necessary documents, figures and research analyses is a tedious affair, sometimes taking many weeks to prepare. And this is exactly the great thing about it. Because in the advertising industry, we typically rush from one campaign to the next. Deadlines need to be met and clients need to be satisfied. There is usually so little time for reflection, and the writing of the perfect Effie case is just that. Reflection time.

And it involves, when done correctly, the whole team. From client to creative to account management, everybody should participate and learn. Learn about what you did right, what works, what didn’t, what KPI’s are the most valuable and what a great team effort the crafting of the perfect and most effective campaign really is. So let’s start preparing for the next round. There’s a lot to win, even if you don’t win the actual award.